Introducing The Medical Weigh – Medically Managed Weight Loss for a Healthier You!



The Medical Weigh, medically managed weight loss offering the OPTIFAST Program, is now available in the Carson City Office of Gastroenterology Consultants. This nationally recognized weight management program is a medically supervised, multi-disciplinary approach to treating the at-risk, overweight patient with a BMI generally greater than 30.

Why Chose The Medical Weigh over other weight management programs?

  • The Medical Weigh is supervised by our specialized physicians, physician assistants and registered dietician.
  • By offering the OPTIFAST program patients can choose between a variety of plans and meal replacement options that are calorie controlled, high quality and nutritional.
  • We treat the whole person, not just their weight. Through educational sessions, individuals can learn and address the many different causes associated with obesity.


For more information and/or to schedule a free consultation that includes a complimentary body composition analysis, call our Carson City clinic at (775) 884-4567 or click here to visit our website

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