Passion and Dedication to Reduce Nevada’s Mortality Rate from Colon Cancer Earns Physician at Gastroenterology Consultants the 2013 Denise Dunning Award

Dr.GrayThe physicians and staff at Gastroenterology Consultants proudly congratulate Dr. John F. Gray for being selected to receive the 2013 Denise Dunning Award.

Dr. Gray was presented with the award at the 5th Annual Nevada Cancer Control Summit, held by the Nevada Cancer Coalition on May 10, 2013. The Denise Dunning Award recognizes an individual, business or organization that demonstrates great passion and leadership in cancer control or who has initiated a successful program or practice specific to cancer prevention, education or control.

Dr. Gray was recognized for his ongoing vision, leadership and dedication to preventing colorectal cancer in Nevada. He has been the driving force in increasing Nevada’s screening rates and decreasing mortality for colon cancer in the state of Nevada. He recently initiated formative research studies to examine the effects of offering choice in colon cancer screening and its effect on patient screening behavior, which will have national implications for prevention.

In 2008, Dr. Gray founded the Nevada Colon Cancer Partnership, a non-profit organization comprised of clinical providers, GI groups, hospital representatives, state and local governments, community organizations, cancer survivors and their families who are dedicated to working together towards the common goal of reducing the number of people that suffer from colon cancer in Nevada through increased screenings.

This annual award is given in memory of Denise Faye Dunning, former State Comprehensive Cancer Control Coordinator, who dedicated the last years of her life to the Nevada Cancer Coalition and its work to advance cancer prevention, control and treatment in the state of Nevada until a fourth bout with cancer took her life.

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